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Berlin - Berlin, Germany art galleries guide Berlin Cultural Forum Art Gallery (Kulturforum) art galleries, museum of paintings, sculptures, exhibitions, chamber music, Musical Instrument Museum (Musikinstrumentenmuseum), GemŠldegalerie, Arts and Crafts Museum (Kunstgewerbemuseum), sculpture garden, address and location of Berlin Cultural Forum, MatthŠikirchpl, Gemaldagalerie, tel / telephone number, and general information about Cultural Forum in Berlin Area, Germany DE - Last updated 30/10/2012.

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Berlin Cultural Forum (Kulturforum) Information
(Berlin, Germany DE)

Art Galleries in Berlin, Germany (Deutschland DE)
Berlin Cultural Forum (Kulturforum)

Germany (Deutschland DE)

Tel: +49 (0)3 025 488 132

The Berlin Cultural Forum (Kulturforum) groups together all of the main museums that exhibit mainly European art. Located in the west side of the city and the Cultural Forum features a large hall where chamber music is regularly played and also a Musical Instrument Museum (Musikinstrumentenmuseum).

During 1998, a new art gallery was opened called the Gemäldegalerie and this is now home to an impressive collection of art dating from the 13th to 18th century and is part of the Arts and Crafts Museum (Kunstgewerbemuseum). The Cultural Forum also features interesting sculpture garden which is worth a visit.

Open: daily
Admission: charge

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